The main aim of Memento is to provide patients, carers, and clinicians with objective and timely data on stoke survivor’s daily physical activities once at home. This information will facilitate patients, carers’ and clinicians’ understanding of the level of physical independence achieved by the individual and will support the tailoring of monitoring and eventually, rehabilitation programs to every person’s needs.

This main goal has the following sub-goals:

  1. objectively and in a naturalistic setting, measure stroke survivors’ physical daily activities (e.g., walking, sitting/standing, moving one’s arms, hands, legs and feet);
  2. Monitor stroke survivors’ physiological parameters as heart rate, temperature and skin conductance to complement the information from the physical activity;
  3. Analyse and classify these activities in order to assess and sustain the progress, achieved during the rehabilitation period, and to propose richer measures of functional independence than the existing ones ;
  4. Inform all the stakeholders about these activities, their progress/decline, and their relation to an individual level of independence;
  5. Provide motivating serious games to empower stoke survivors to become active actors in the maintain of their motor recovery.